Figs and a healthy sex life

Adam and Eve famously used fig leaves in order to hide their nakedness. Unbeknownst to them at the time was the fact that this little powerhouse food is actually a natural aphrodisiac that could have spurred the couple into casting off their newly invented clothing. Figs trees are members of the mulberry family native to Western Asia. Their fruit, the fig, has become a popular snack that people enjoy both fresh and dried. It is packed with all sorts of goods things including certain amino acids that have been found capable of increasing your sex drive

Here is how the fig can benefit your sex drive:

Lowers Your Cholesterol

The fig is an excellent source of fiber and everyone knows that you need fiber, especially soluble fiber, in order to keep you LDL cholesterollevels down. The skin of the fig is loaded with pectin, an especially beneficial for of fiber. Fiber also helps to keep you regular and aid your digestive system. All this translates into better health which then leads to better sex. 

Fatty Acids

Along with fiber, figs are also high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in addition to phenol. These essential fatty acids help keep your joints lubricated, maintain your skin and hair and will even help you build muscle and tissue more efficiently. 

Amino Acids

Figs contain a cocktail of amino acids that includes leucine. Lysine, valine and arginine. These amino acids are vital for the transportation of blood and nutrients and play a role in hormone secretion. Arginine in particular is thought to help increase testosterone and is thought to help with vasodilation making it popular with body builders and a natural way to increase sexual stamina. Figs are loaded with these powerful amino acids making it a natural aphrodisiac. 

Other Benefits

Besides making you “more up to it” figs have other health benefits. Their high levels of potassium make them great for helping to controlblood sugar levels and they are also high in calcium aking them good for healthy bones and muscle. They are also packed with sugar, making for a quick energy snack on the go.

Author: Mark Fantini

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