Hearing Loss Myths Exposed

While it is generally assumed that only the elderly experience hearing loss, younger people can have hearing problem as well. While statistics are on the side of young people, it is important to realize that there are other factors other the age that affect hear loss. In fact, the number one cause of hear loss is trauma, so the more loud noise you are exposed to, the greater your chances of experiencing some type of hearing loss at an early age.

Think about all the noises that you are exposed to on a daily basis: Planes flying by overhead, construction zones, loud music blasting through your head phones, traffic. If you happen to work in a field or engage in a recreation that exposes you to loud noises, you are at an increased risk at suffering ear trauma and experiencing hearing loss before the age of 65. There are also hereditary factors that you need to consider, that have nothing to do with the onset of age. 

Hear Loss in Children

Certain hereditary factors or extreme ear trauma can end up causing hear loss in children. In fact, it is estimated that five percent of this Countries children under the age of 18 suffer from hearing difficulty. While adults may be better able to cope with losing their hearing, hearing loss in children can end up causing learning difficulties if they are not addressed. It can also lead to emotional difficulties, anxiety and depression which can further lead to problems at home and in school. Since children generally will not voice their problems with hearing, it is important for the adults around them to be aware of this potential problem and to get them tested as soon possible. The longer you let a child’s hearing problems go, the more problems it might cause them. 

Hearing aids do not involve risky surgeries or require special knowledge. In fact, they are not even medical devices, but simply devices that are capable of amplifying the sound around you. Nowadays, hearing devices can be made small enough, that they are practically invisible and are fairly easy to utilize. Whether you are getting older or still in your twenties, if you find yourself experiencing hearing problems, be sure to talk to your doctor to get a hearing test. Also, if you are a parent, be sure to discuss potential hearing problems with your child’s doctor.

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