A Facial Solution

No one wants to “grow old gracefully” these days, and the cosmetic industry has responded by bombarding the public with procedures, treatments, skins and creams aims at eliminating wrinkles and a sagging face. These solutions can be very expensive and even have negative side effects, yet people still go for them, desperate to keep their youthful look for as long as possible. Instead of looking for a shortcut to the fountain of your through surgery, injections or creams, what people really need to be doing is exercising… their face. Facial exercises can tighten and tone the skin, eliminating wrinkles and lifting sagging skin and it costs nothing but your time. 

Why not Botox?

It seems like everyone you see on television has gotten Botox injections, and most likely, more than one of your friends and neighbors have tried it. What many people do not realize is, is that you are injecting Botulism toxin, a deadly poison, into your face. What Botox does, is it paralyzes your facial muscles, smoothing out your wrinkles for several months. The problem with Botox is, is that it can end up changing your natural look over time, causing your muscles to relax and thin, resulting in a bulldog look. Also, Botox treatments are only temporary and pricey, meaning you will need to shell out more money in a few months for more treatments. Also, while Botox is considered safe, there are risks involved with using it. 

Face lifts 

While it can give you some dramatic results, most people do not even consider cosmetic surgery because of the high cost and long recovery time. Those who can afford it, only have to read a few tabloids to find proof that face lifts do not always turn out great. Like any surgery, cosmetic surgery comes with a lot risks and the results are permanent. 


Every year, billions of dollars are spent on over the counter creams and concoctions that promise to make your wrinkles and sagging skin disappear overnight. People spend large amounts of money on toners, moisturizers, eye creams, masks, peels, and lotions, and find themselves achieving only minimal results. Many times, the only thing these miracle creams end up achieving is moisturizing the skin, which is beneficial but not the one step solution to a more youthful appearance. 

A facial exercise regime has none of the drawback as the other options. In fact, facial exercises can help you eliminate the sagging side effects of Botox. The only cost is a book or instructional DVD (if you cannot find it online) and you do not have to worry about injections, side effects or depleting your savings. By spending time everyday exercising your facial muscles, you can eliminate that double chin, that sagging neck, jowls, crow feet, and all the other signs of your age. Just like the rest of your body, your face has muscles as well and all you need is time and know how in order to learn how to exercise them and achieve a beautiful and natural look.

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