Lipoma Home Remedies

So, you find a lump on your midsection and the first thing that you think is “Oh no I got the Big C.”  But when you go to the doctor, he or she feels the lump and tells you that there is nothing to worry about, that what you have is a lipoma. Lipomas are fatty tumors that slowly grow underneath the skin feeding off of your body’s fat deposits. Most of the time, they are completely harmless, except for their general unsightliness.

 After going to the doctor to make sure that they are indeed benign, there are a few things that you can try to help get rid of these lumps of fat that lie like curdled milk underneath the surface of the skin. If they are humongous (which can happen when they form on your back) you might want to get them surgically removed. However, there are a few home remedies that you might want to try first before going this route. 

Herbal treatments for lipomas

·         Chickweed: Chickweed tea or ointment has been shown to help reduce the size of these fatty tumors and even get rid of them altogether. You can find dried chickweed herb  and chickweed based creams and ointments at many health food stores. To make a tea: steep two teaspoons of dried chickweed into boiling water for fifteen minutes. 

·         Thuja occidentalis: This is a type of cedar that practitioners pf Ayurvedic medicine like to use as a treatment for common skin problems such as warts, polyps and lipomas. Rub your fatty tumors with a combination of thuja extract and water two to three times a day to achieve best results. 

Lifestyle changes

They do not call lipomas “fatty tumors” for the fun of it. These guys are actually composed of fat that is stored within your body. One of the best ways to reduce their presence is to cut down on the fat intake. Eat leaner meats and avoid those delicious but high fat content dairy products like cheese and butter.You can also try several herbal remedies that are meant to help boost your metabolism and burn off that fat before they add to your lipoma problem.

Green tea is a great fat burner, just be sure to drink the real thing in lieu of supplements which do not work nearly as well. There is also an Indian  herb called bedellium that can help you burn fat, just be sure that you do not have a thyroid condition before taking it.

The best way to tackle these lipomas is probably to utilize a combination of lipoma reducing ointments, fat burning herbal supplements along with proper diet and exercise. Also, it will help if you do a toxin flush and take immune boosting supplements like dandelion or Echinacea. Be aware, these fatty tumors are not going to disappear overnight and it may take several months to see any real results.


Herbal Medicines said...

So it really takes a lot of effort to treat lipomas. I wonder where I can get these Chickweed teas or ointments.

15 year lipoma sufferer said...

My 15 year old lipoma started to shrink once I started using Oolong Tea. I had watched the Dr. Oz Show and he indicated that there is a compound in this tea that causes fat to shrink. I thought I would try in, and it seems to be working. My abdominal lipoma originally measured 40 cm at its longest point and after a week of using this tea, it seems that it has shrunk 5 cm. I will continue to use this tea. I hope that anyone else out there who has this problem would give this tea a try and let us know how it goes for you. The tea does not taste that great and I drink it without any sugar or sweetener added. If you hate your lipoma like I hate mine, give it a try. The tea only cost me about 7 dollars for a box with 100 tea bags.

God bless you all, and may you all have the results that I have had.