Cantaloupe for your lungs

Cantaloupe that low calorie melon that is popular addition to many weight loss programs, is not only a low cal tasty treat, it also happens to be one of the best things to eat to help combat the effects of second hand smoke. 

Cantaloupe? Then cohabitate 

Although it name is prized for its inclusion into many corny marriage themed jokes, Cantaloupe actually got its name from where it was first cultivated around 300 years ago: the village of Cantalup in Italy. This melon which is related to cucumber and squash is actually a musk melon and has also been called a rock melon because of the distinctive look of the netted outer skin. It likes growing in temperate climate and is in season throughout the summer (although it has become increasingly available year round.) Due to its availability and effervescent taste, it has become one of the most popular melons in the united States today. 

Cantaloupe also gets an A+++ from doctors and nutritionists because of its hefty serving of Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as its high water content and low calorie count. Cantaloupe also packs a bit of a Vitamin B complex punch, provides a good source of dietary fiber and also has as much potassium as your standard run of the mill banana.  The cantaloupe can help cleanse your body and combat the effects of cancer causing free radicals making it a popular additive to many skin and health rejuvenation diets

Cantaloupe and smokers

Recent studies have shown that there is a link between vitamin A and several lungs ailments that are common among people who are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke. Laboratory animals that were fed a diet deficient in Vitamin developed emphysema at a greater rate than those who were given enough of it.  Certain carcinogens in cigarettes have been shown to rob the body of this much needed antioxidant contributing to the chances of developing emphysema. However further animal studies have shown that eating food that is extremely high in Vitamin A (such as cantaloupe which has over %100 of the daily recommended value) can actually counteract the effects of the cigarette smoke and prevent both emphysema and lung inflammation from happening. 

While the best thing to do is to quit and to convince those around you to do the same, those who choose to smoke or be around smokers can benefit from choosing to eat a diet that is rich in cantaloupe. Along with the above mentioned benefits of Vitamin A,  there is also the added benefit of Vitamin C which is not only a only a free radical slayer in its own right, but can also help regenerate the other important antioxidant: Vitamin E.

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