Cantaloupe Cures

The Aussies like to call it Rock melon because, of the way its netted outer skin looks.
In South Africa it is called Spanspek, for reasons unknown to this author.
It is technically a Muskmelon.

The name cantaloupe is derived from a papal village where it was first grown before spreading all over the world and widely grown in the temperate climates of Texas, Turkey, Iran , And most of Central America.
Whatever you want to call it, a cantaloupe is a healthysnack loaded with many benefits for the body.  It is low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals making it the ideal refreshing snack for those among us who need to watch our waist line. Aside from it value as a dietary supplement, cantaloupe has proven to be beneficial to a number of other health issues.


Kidney Health
Cantaloupe contains the extract oxykine, which is loaded with superoxide dismutase. Laboratory studies have shown that this extract might help reduce cell damage within the kidneys caused by diabetes induced stress.   More studies are needed, but cantaloupe my play an important role in the prevention of progressive kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy). 

You do not get any more loaded with beta-carotenes than cantaloupe. With over 130% of the daily recommended dose of the super oxidant vitamin A, eating cantaloupe can help fight off cancer of the larynx, esophagus and lungs. Also, since this is a natural source of beta carotene, it is safer for you than supplements. 

Heart Health
Cantaloupe is packed with adenosine, which can help thin the blood and reduce symptoms associated with angina and heart disease. Cantaloupe is also loaded with the B complex juggernauts: Folate and B6. Research has indicated that women who get plenty of these B vitamins cut their risk of a heart attack in half. 

Cantaloupe is loaded with enzymes known as SOD’s or Superoxide dismutases. These SOD enzymes are believed to be extremely important in cell defense, helping break down damaging super oxides which can then keep painful inflammation at bay.

So whatever you want to call it. The cantaloupe is a not only delicious, but also great for you. Its high water content can help cleans your body and its beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals gives it high marks by most health experts.

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