Breast Enhancing Herbs

Do want to go under the knife, but still want bigger breasts. Here are some herbs that can help you naturally increase in your bust size.

Fenugreek has been around since ancient times, although it saw a steep decline in popularity in the early Twentieth Century. This herb, which tastes kind of like a stick of celerey dipped in maple syrups is incorpated in many curry dishes. Aside from adding depth to Indian sauces, Fenugreek is also very good for you, boastings vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Research has shown fenugreek as displaying promise in helping to signicantly lower bad cholesterol and level out blood sugar in diabetics. On top of all that this stout little clover like herb is  loaded with various phyto-nutrients that help mimic the effects of certain hormones including estrogen and prolactin. These hormone balancing powers were discovered quite early, making fenugreek an early home remedy for certain hormone related problems like menstrual discomforts, low libido, and breast milk production. 

Legend has it that the Harem girls during the reign of the Sultans used to be fed fenugreek in order to increase their bust size. It appears that this story may have a ring of truth to it since scientists have now found that this plant not only produces diosgenin: an important female steroid precursor, but also compunds that have been found to that help increase the formation of healthy breast tissue.

Saw Palmetto berries have long been used by the indegenious tribes of the Americas as a medicinal tonic with a wide array of healing properties. Since the time of Mayans, it has been used to help in crease the libido of both men and women as well as a restroing tonic. While saw palmetto is known mostly for being a "man's herb"  today serving as a natural remedy serving for low libido and even baldness, this medicinal herb is also great for women. The Native Americans reported used the berries to help treat certain breast disorders and the plant is also considered a great tonic for the urinary system and the thyroid gland. Saw palmetto also contains many phyto-nutrients that help stimuate breast tissue, providing btter lift and size.

Wild Yam is a wildly popular natural tonic for women's health which is know to help contribute to healthy breast tissue and help lower the risk of breast cancer. This long root found in Mexico has also been found to be helpful in helping with other hormone realted problems including PMS and menopause.Wild yam is said to work very well in conjuction with Fenugreek and both can be found in many lotions and teas for breast enhancement.

Fennel has also been used for a long time to help increase bust size. Tradtionally used by new mother to help promote lacation, Fennel is second only to Fenugreek when it comes to mimicking the effects of estrogen and encouraing the growth of breast tissue. It is also great for libido and can even help impove breathing and blood circualtion.

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