Backed Up? Try using Aloe

One of the growing dangers that our aging nation is facing is the compacted colon. The modern industrial age with its refined and processed foods and inadequate amounts of dietary fiber from natural sources has resulted in a nation of  constipated citizens. The inability to eliminate toxins and wastes leads to not only body odor, irritable bowels, hemorrhoids but also to life threatening cancers like colon and rectal cancer. This has forced many older  Americans to start taking their regularity much more seriously than they used to.

A healthy colon defined

If you have a really healthy colon, you should find yourself  having regular bowel movements once or twice a day and your stools should pass easily with minimal amounts of strain. If you find yourself stopped up for more than two days at a time and needing the fortitude of an Olympic body builder in order to pass your stools, then the chances are you have a compacted colon.  In order help rectify the problem, you might want to look into colon cleansing to see if this can help maintain a healthier colon.


Enemas are one popular form of colon cleansing that is a sure fire way to clean you out. The thing about enemas are that they tend to get complicated, uncomfortable and messy, making them an option that not everyone is willing to take.

Dietary Fiber ia another practical solution that you might want to consider. Getting more fiber in the form of supplements and pills will help encourage regularity and soften your stools. Just be prepared to take a lot of it and be willing to wait the 12 hours to see results.

While Enemas and dietary fiber supplements have long been a good bowel cleansing solutions, another solution that had been around for even longer is Aloe Vera Gel. While you might know this clear gel like substance as something you use strictly for skin problems, Aloe’s popularity as a bodily cleanser goes back several thousand years to the time of the Sumerians and Egyptians. The inner gel of the Aloe Vera plant is loaded with natural fibers as well as vitamins and minerals  that work to regulate bowel movements and eliminate wastes. It also contains polysaccharides which can kill off harmful bacteria and even help repair any tissue damage in the bowels. Aloe Vera gel can be found in both liquid and capsule form at your local health food stores. The plant is also very easy to grow and harvest at home.

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