Acne home remedies using Aloe

Before you go out and buy yourself some chemical concoction to burn away all those  zits that keep showing up, you should maybe consider going  into the houseplant section and picking up a little (or big) Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe, which has been hanging around mankind since the time of the Pharaohs (Cleopatra used it as a beauty aid) is not only a great soother of burns, cuts and other boo boos, it is also a great natural remedy for a plethora of skin problems including acne. 

The watery inner gel of the Aloe barbadensis plant, is packed full of a variety of skin friendly components including  Vitamin E which is the vitamin for skin problems, long chain polysaccharides that help penetrate into the skin, amino acids that help rebuild the skin, and even compounds that are both and inflammatory and anti-microbial. When you apply this gel to your skin, it will help soothe the inflammation that is contributing to the acne, kill the bacteria that those pimples are feeding off of and penetrate into the skin to help heal it from the damage that was caused. 

How to apply aloe

In order to use Aloe, you are going to need to remove a whole outer leaf from the plant. Take a serrated knife and cut as close to the base as you can in order to remove one of these fleshy green lancelets. Do not worry about the plant, it will soon close up the wound you make and start growing a new leaf. 

Once you get your piece of aloe, cut a slit down the middle of it and let the yellow latex drain away. While this latex has other medicinal properties (such as a bowel cleanser) it can actually irritate the skin of some people.
 Once drained, use your knife to remove the thick green skin of the leaf to reveal the inner gel. This is the stuff that you want to use. It may take some practice before you learn how to properly carve up a piece of Aloe, but soon you will be gutting it like you have been working in an cannery for a dozen years. Get that gel out and then rinse it under some cool water. 

Now, cut off a piece of the gel, and apply it directly to the problem area of the skin being careful not to get any in your eyes. The gel will immediately sooth any inflammation and helps kill off any bacteria. Rub the gel in and let it penetrate your kin and do its work. Store what is left in a airtight container in the fridge. 

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