Organic sprouts and nutrition

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Extensive research proved beyond a doubt that sprouts are the food of the future. The Chinese nobles, 5000 years ago were consuming sprouts for healing and rejuvenation.

During WW2, the US president was concerned about a possible meat shortage in the USA. The scientific community then, after careful consideration, advised the president to promote the consumption of sprouts as the best and cheapest alternative to proteins in meat. There was no shortage of meat - the project was filed. Today, there is an increasing tendency to avoid consumption of animals, our fellow planetary habitants. This approach and the well known healing implications are taking a serious place in modern culinary approach.

The grandma way of growing sprouts by means of jars and trays was very efficient as grandma was always at home. Today, most women are pursuing a career and little or no time is available for additional tasks. The problems encountered are mainly around the amount of daily handling. First, you need to soak them for long hours, then to remember rinsing them 3 to 4 times a day (during hot summer days more often). If you choose to grow a variety of sprouts, they may need different treatments. Over-watering may result in molding and rotting of your crop. The "easy" work of growing sprouts becomes cumbersome and needs considerable attendance.

Healing : The founder of the Hyppocrates Health institute, Ann Wigmore, dedicated her life to rediscover the healing and culinary properties of sprouts. For the past 30 years, the institute treated people for different disorders. Sprouts were found to contribute extensively to the immune system, as excellent detoxificants. Being Biogenic, sprouts are attributed rejuvenation qualities (creative life force). This contributes to the vitality and stamina experienced by thousands. Sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and relevant enzymes to assist its digestion. Commercially available supplements synthetically prepared have no 'life force', therefore are not really natural, not to mention the price of the commercial vitamins compared to homegrown sprouts. Part of the 'magic' of sprouts is that they are 100% organic! Only clean water is needed to get a fully-grown, crispy, tasty sprout. Germination of sprouts does not require soil, pesticides, fungicides, not even light. What a contribution to our sensitive environment!

Dr.Clive McCay of Cornell University composed a perplexing ad. "Wanted: A live vegetable that will grow in any climate, rival meat in nutritional value (and tomatoes in Vitamin C), matures in 3 to 5 days, requires neither soil or sunshine, has no waste and can be eaten raw!"

Adding to your favorite diet 3 to 4 glasses of sprouts daily will make a world of difference in your general state of health. Sprouts are also a tasty addition to salads, soups, homemade bread, sandwiches -- you name it. "My personal experience," says Sol, president of Seed and Grain technologies (a registered New Mexico company), "is that by developing a daily habit of consuming 4 glasses of sprouts; I have given up all supplements! I feel more energetic at 47 than 37! I have lost 20 Lb. in 18 month with no (conventional) dieting whatsoever."

Cost: More good news! Sprouts where found to be a complete protein. Organic minerals found in fresh juices and sprouts dramatically contribute to the maintenance of health. Untampared natural sprouts have power to build nerves, tissues, bones, and blood.

Sprouts may cost as little as 20 to 40 cents per LB, when produced at home. Each pound of seeds develops 3 to 5 times its original weight (depending on the seed in question). Time-wise, all this happens in only a few days! Alfalfa, radish, and Chinese cabbage, as an example, are ready within 3 to 4 days! Fenugreek, Red Clover in 4 to 5 days.

Automatic Sprouter? : Seed & Grain Technologies is a company totally dedicated to the research and development of means to promote the usage of sprouts & herbs in each and every home.

"I have dedicated endless time and energy," says Sol Azulay, inventor, entrepreneur and horticulture "passionate to develop a system to allow anyone to grow sprouts at home on a fully automated mode." Sol started developing propagation systems for other purposes. 15 years ago he owned a successful cut-flower greenhouse business. By developing a low-cost appliance for automatic sprouting, he hopes to bring the 'sprout message' to every house.

The simple home appliance consists of container, an electrical mist generator, a recycle timer, and 2 or 4 innovative exposed root system (ERS) trays. The sprouts grow vertically creating a green carpet and enhancing their freshness, compared to the squash space in jars. The need to manually soak and rinse was totally eliminated. The appliance is plugged in, dry seeds are spread in the ERS trays, and few days later you harvest! What makes it even more attractive, it's guarantied not to have any mold or rotting effects on your crop! "This is achieved," says Sol, "by bombarding the seeds with oxygen during the complete automatic process." The appliance is manufactured in New Mexico.

Sol says, " In order to educate the consumer, the company has an online chart indicating the vitamin and mineral contents of sprouts as well as the specific healing effect attributed to each seed, available free".

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Grain Technologies is a company totally dedicated to the research and development of means to promote the usage of sprouts & herbs in each and every home.

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