Do You Believe That A Good Tasty Lunch Can Make You Happy?

Do you believe that a good tasty lunch can make you happy?

While you are dieting, your brain cells try to save energy and you unintentionally want to avoid any stress, including strong positive emotions, like joy, happiness, ecstasy, etc.

If your brain cells do not get optimal nutrition, they grow old and do not work properly.

What kind of food can make us happy? Getting vitamins is very important. Stress weakens your immune system; free radicals attack your cells, etc...

If you feel that life is just a joyless struggle to survive, you need to increase the amount of vitamin B you get. This vitamin is responsible for the formation of lecithin, which is very important nourishment for your nervous system. You can get it with sunflower seeds, citrus fruits, bananas, 4-5 eggs a week, poultry, beans, whole grains, oatmeal, fish, sea food and nuts.

Vitamins B and C support cells, vitamins A and E protect them and glucose is a source of nourishment for your cells. That is why we want some sweets when we are tired. If your blood sugar is low, you become annoyed and aggressive. It does not mean you have to eat cake and chocolate right away. You will have energy in the morning, if you eat a dinner that has 70% protein. The right foods for your dinner are meat, fish, sea food, chicken, turkey, eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits. Exclude potatoes or boiled vegetables.

If you have a weak nervous system, you should not eat food rich in carbohydrates, like pasta, sugar, pizza, sweets, bread, French fries and canned food. You will get a lot of glucose with these kinds of food, but its concentration in your blood drops fast because of an insulin effect. As soon as it happens, you will get annoyed and nervous. To feel better you need another portion of glucose. It becomes a vicious circle where your sugar increases and drops down all the time. It is harmful for your body, your cells and your pancreas.

Feed your stress right.

Mint tea is very good in calming your stress and relaxing you. Cabbage will decrease the activity of your thyroid gland. Strawberries will help with your mood.

Bananas are rich in serotonin which is the so-called 'hormone of joy'.

Are you stressed about a public speech, taking an exam or having an important interview?

If you need more confidence and if you need to memorize a lot of information, you have to get more vitamin C. The sources of this vitamin are lemons, oranges, pineapples, cantaloupe, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and cabbage.

Eating grated carrots with vegetable oil or sour cream will also help your memory.

If you eat a half of avocado every day, your brain will work better.
Sea food and fish have substances your brain cells need for intense work. Yogurt with live bacteria will help your cell metabolism.

Garlic has substances that boost your brain activity and improve your memory. You need to eat it regularly.

Lentil helps with your brain clarity and speeds up your thinking.If you need to get better focus on what you are doing, you should eat blueberries, oranges and pineapples.

Brussels sprouts help your concentration. Onions promote blood thinning which improves blood circulation and provides oxygen to your brain.

You need to eat ½ onion every day.

Boost your creativity. If you need to be creative at work and you cannot think clearly, eat peanuts or figs. You can also drink caraway tea: put 2 table spoons of caraway seeds in 1 glass of boiling water. Caraway seeds are rich in essential oils that will boost your brain activity.

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