Diagnose Yourself: An Alternative Method

Do you know that you can diagnose yourself or other people just by looking at your or their face? This interesting method came from the East and has been used there for many generations. So, look at the mirror and start a checkup.


Look at the whites of your eyes. Do you notice red vessels? You may not sleep enough or spend too much time in front of a computer. Also, it is a clear signal that your nerve system is exhausted and you need rest. If you noticed that the whites of your eyes became yellow, it might be a sign that you have hepatitis.

If your eyes are unnaturally shiny, you could be in love or…have a problem with your thyroid gland.

Dark circles can point to fatigue, insomnia, low blood pressure, cardio-vascular disorders or lack of vitamins. If you have brown dark circles and puffiness and the whites of your eyes are yellowish, check your liver. It needs some help!

How about your upper lids? If they are puffy, your kidneys do not work properly. If your lower lids are puffy, you might have a pancreas or spleen disorder.


Of course, we like full red lips. But did you know that sometimes it means that these are the signs of sexual disorders? That is why you should not get upset if you have average lips; just use a lip liner and a red lipstick.

If your mouth corners are cracked, you need to increase the amount of cheese, fish, cereal and nuts in your daily ration. You have a deficiency of vitamin B.

If women have pale and very thin lips, it is probably a lack of estrogen.


If you do not smoke, but your teeth are yellowish, check your gall bladder. If your teeth are brownish – your immune system is going to collapse! Do you think that extremely white teeth (naturally very white) are great? It could be a sign of mineral imbalance.


Now check your tongue. If it is pink and clean, you are lucky. Your digestive system works fine.

If your tongue is yellowish, it points to a problem with your gall bladder or hemorrhoids.

If you have a dry cracked tongue, you have diabetes. If your tongue has a white thin coating (plaque) on the front and middle parts of it, you might have gastritis, a stomach ulcer or a duodenal ulcer. If there is a white plaque on the root of your tongue, your digestive system does not work properly. If there is a whitish plaque on the roof of the mouth, it could be a sign of thrush - Candida infection (you can get it after antibiotic treatment, for example) or stomatitis. If the tongue looks like a strawberry, red with white spots, it is a clear sign of scarlet fever.


If your skin is very pale, it could be a sign of anemia, low blood pressure, a weak immune system or problems with blood circulation. If the skin turned yellowish, there is a problem with the gall bladder. Reddish tone points to high blood pressure or cardio-vascular disorders. Do you have red capillaries on your face? You and your skin are very sensitive. Also, exclude spices, red wine and smoked meat. These foods enlarge blood capillaries.


If women get pimples on their chin or around their lips once a month before their period, it is normal. But if there are pimples under the chin, there is a problem with the digestive system. Pimples on your temples give you a signal to check your liver. Pimples on the forehead mean that there are gall bladder or stomach disorders. If your skin is smooth and clean, but sometimes you get tiny red pimples, you have an allergic reaction to one of the foods you eat. If your skin is cool and mist, it is likely that you have a weak liver and a weak nerve system.


Let’s take a look at your hair. If you have excessive hair loss, check your thyroid gland. Also, make sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals. If your hair is fragile, check your bowels. If your hair grows very slowly, your nervous system is very weak. If you started getting gray hair fast, check your heart and pancreas. Another reason for that could be a hormonal dysfunction. The reasons for getting grey hair at a young age are high acidity, getting a lot of salt with foods, diabetes, stress, constant fatigue, lack of enzymes, disorder of sex functions and poor blood circulation in your heart. If your hair is very brittle, you have not been getting optimal nutrition for a long time. If a woman gets bald spots on her temples, it could be early climax, dysmenorrheal and hormonal dysfunction. If you had light hair and it started getting dark fast, check your liver and gall bladder. The cause of baldness could be rheumatism or gout. If you got round bald spots, you have serious anemia. If you have dandruff, limit the amount of salt, sugar, coffee and dairy in your diet.

Of course, this article is not intended to substitute your doctor’s diagnosis, but hopefully you will not delay a visit to a doctor if you find one of the signs above. Your health is very important!

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