9 Great Tips For Losing Weight

Not many people can follow a strict diet for a long time. Instead, focus on choosing the right foods, organizing your day and cooking the foods in a healthy way. Also, it will be easier to keep your weight where you want it or lose weight when you follow these 9 great tips:

1. Chose fruits instead of juices.
There are fewer calories in fruits than in juices. Because you have to chew a fruit, the eating process is longer and cellulose is digesting slower. It will give you the feeling of being full.

2. Do not eat sugar substitutes.
Artificial sugar increases your appetite. The calories you try to avoid will come back with bigger portions of food. Eat sweets, but just a little.

3. Alcohol gets in the way of dieting.

Alcohol decreases your body’s ability to burn fat. Also, when you are drinking alcohol you can not control yourself as well as usual and you probably will eat more than you normally do.

4. Start your meal with water.
Often people think they are hungry while they are dehydrated. You will eat less after a glass of water.

5. Take a break.
Most people start eating when they think they are hungry. Give yourself 20 minutes. If you are still hungry, you can eat. Wait 20 minutes after the meal to get the feeling of being full.

6. Prepare your dinner in the morning.
Before going to work make sure you have a healthy low calorie dinner in your refrigerator. This way you will not eat too much or eat the wrong foods when you come back tired and hungry.

7. Know your portion size.

It is very important to put the right size portion on your plate. You can follow these rules: a piece of chicken, meat or fish should be the size of an audio cassette, a portion of vegetables should fit in 1 glass and pasta or cereal should fit in ½ glass.

8. Rainbow on your plate.
Use different color foods, like green, red and yellow. The more colors in the food, the more healthy substances there are. And you will get fewer calories and fat. Of course, I mean natural foods and not artificially colored foods.

9. Do not go too far.

Not getting enough calories in your diet leads you to metabolism disorder. You should get a minimum of 1200 calories a day. If you get less, your body will switch to a hunger regimen. Your metabolism, your body’s ability to burn calories and your digestion will slow down. Even if you get back to normal dieting, your body will store fat just in case you go on a strict diet again.


Weight Loss Diet Tips said...

These are really great weight loss tips, you have missed one point, that is more water also helpful to weight loss.

H4 said...

i like this tips i will post it in my blog if you want

Unknown said...

I agree with that many people can follow a strict diet plan for a long time. These are 9 great tips for losing weight and I will try to follow these.

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